Why Homeopathy?

ca. 460 BC - ca. 370 BC

The “Father of Medicine” formalized the idea that “like cures like”

Paracelsus 1493-1541

A physician and an alchemist, treated patients using the principle discovered by Hippocrates.

Hahnemann 1755-1843

A German physician and scholar, establisehd homeopathy as an effective medical system.

Kent 1849-1916

An Amercian doctor, expended and clarified Hahnemann’s ideas.

Because homeopathy is a unique tool for achieving a better wellbeing. It mobilizes the body’s own healing powers, and promotes harmony and health. You can use homeopathy to address physical problems, or emotional issues. Whatever your initial motivation, we always look at both body and mind, as they are intimately connected. By addressing both these levels homeopathy can rebalance your whole being.

How it Works

Doctors remove symptoms – homeopaths remove the causes of symptoms. In case of a physical complaint, I first try to understand the pathological progression – what’s going on in your body? What physiological process brings on symptoms? I then add the psychological component – what’s happening in your life? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What brings on fear? From your chair the experience might feel like seeing both a GP and a therapist at the same time. Only unlike the doctor I won’t offer chemicals, and unlike the therapist I won’t offer verbal explanations – I’ll just give you a remedy that reflects where you are. Utilizing the principle of “like cures like”, and presuming the right remedy was chosen, your body will then be able to heal itself.

Case Illustration - Like Cures Like

A woman, 25 years old, has recently been in a severe traffic accident. She's not hurt physically, but emotionally she is still in a state of shock; she is also sleepless and suffers from heart palpitations and sweating.

Utilizing the principle of "like cures like" I treat her with a remedy made of minute quantities of Aconitum Napellus. This is a poisonous plant that in higher concentrations excites the body's sympathetic nervous system to create a "fight or flight" reaction, which is exactly the state the patient is in. She is better within a few days.

What Can Homeopathy Treat?

The simple answer is: potentially, almost any condition where the tissues are not dead. When working in rural Ghana I had the opportunity to treat patients with a wide variety of acute conditions. When you are the sole provider of health services in the area, and the local hospital is both far and cannot take in new patients, you try to do what you can, with what you have. It has been a chance to witness the incredible scope of homeopathy, in ways which are rarely seen in the developed world.

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Obviously, any decision about your treatment will have to be made in conjunction with your doctor. In general, homeopathy works well alongside conventional medicine, and patients usually find it useful to continue the conventional treatment alongside homeopathy, and adjust the treatment plan in consultation with their doctor if, and when, their situation improves.