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Homeopathy in the age of evidence-based medicine

"The evolution of the allopathic practice has shifted the goal-posts in the allopathy-homeopathy debate. While it is possible to perceive the recent attacks on homeopathy as an attempt from the medical establishment to cement its control of the market, and undoubtedly this element exists, it is also important to consider the possibility that the recent attacks are so successful because they are hitting the right spot."

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Practising Homeopathy in Botswana

“In an environment where there was no cultural common ground, no concepts and no distractions to share, it was the heart that was the key for communication between us and our patients. Experiencing and acknowledging this contact was a deep and moving process.

"Misha Norland describes AIDS (in “Signatures, Miasms, AIDS”) as resulting from a pathological loss of personal boundaries. As Misha points out not only pathology, but also healing, can occur when boundaries are torn down. So AIDS teaches us about extreme suffering and alienation, but also about the great powers of acceptance, connection and transformation.”

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Homeopathy Research Review – the Evidence Base for Homeopathy

“In fact, not only does outcome studies show that homeopathy is effective in clinical studies, it also shows that in chronic conditions it can be more effective than conventional medicine. Yet most conventional treatments have shown to be clearly better than placebo, a feat which homeopathy struggles to achieve. There is a paradox here, which goes back to our discussion of methodological difficulties, and will probably take many years to resolve.”

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“Some parents might find it difficult to reject conventional vaccination all together. In such cases, they can still control a few factors which might minimize the damage:

  1. Start vaccinations later in life … Possible damage from vaccines will therefore decrease if the application is postponed. Even postponing vaccines so that they are taken only after the age of 6 months can be of benefit.
  2. Avoid using combination vaccines. This decreases the load on the system….
  3. Use homeopathy to undo some of the damage …Remedies can be taken either immediately after the vaccine, or on later date, to reduce the damage caused by the vaccine…”
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Botswana - an Article for the Society of Homeopath's Newsletter

“It’s great to hear the voices of the people waiting outside in the shade, beside the church, chatting away the long hours of waiting, laughing. A patient would occasionally be tired, ask for a mattress, and lie down for a nap. Sometimes, around lunchtime, a lady selling corn on the cob would come. Not everyone would have the money, but somehow everyone will get a share.”

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